You have a Triangle or Pear Shaped Face!

Look your best using the style tips below

a triangle or pear face

The triangle face can also be known as the pear shaped face. The widest point on the triangle face shape is the jaw line. Triangle faces have a narrower forehead compared to any other point on the face.

Celebrities with this face shape include: Minnie Driver, Geena Davis, Billie Piper, Bette Midler, and Kathy Ireland.


Triangle Face Shape Style Tips

Now that you have discovered your face shape type, you can learn how to complement it using different hairstyles, makeup, glasses and more. Learn to look your best with the tips and pointers below.

Hairstyles for Triangle/Pear Face Shapes

Your over-all goal with any style you choose is to minimize your jawline and add width at your temples and above. This can be achieved in a few different ways:

  • Bangs should be short, full and have volume
  • Or expose forehead with long whispy bangs sweapt to the side, or held back using a headband or clips
  • Part hair to the side, or zip zagged
  • Use styles that will add some height and width to the temples and above
  • Shag styles will compliment you well
  • Hair should be low volume(close to the head) at the jawline
  • Stacked Cuts
  • Tuck hair behind ears

Styles To Avoid

  • Avoid Center Parts - this will bring attention to the center of your face and make it appear taller
  • Avoid Volume On The Very Top - Don't add too much height at the crown, add to the temples instead
  • Avoid Long Styles Full Of Volume - This draws attention to your jawline.

Tip: Look for photos of celebrities with triangle face shapes to see what hairstyles work for them!

Makeup for Triangle Shaped Faces

The goal with makeup for this facial shape is to make your jawline appear thinner and rounder, and to broaden the forehead.

Your Makeup Essentials:

  • Foundation
  • A Lighter Foundation
  • Eyeliner
  • Two shades of eyeshadow, one medium and one darker
  • Mascara
  • Concealer
  • Powder Brush
  • Conturing/Bronzing Powder
  • Blush Brush
  • Blush
  • Lipstick

Makeup Application

  1. Apply foundation to your face, throat and chest(depending on your top garment's neck line) covering all skin evenly.
  2. Add a lighter shade of foundation (usually one step lighter than your normal) to the entire forehead area.
  3. Eyeliner is applied to the base of the lids from the outside of the eye twords the nose. Use a smooth motion and make the line sweep up slightly. Repeat the same motion to create a line on the bottom, getting heavier until to reach the other end of the eye.
  4. Using the medium eyeshadow, cover your each eyelid, then brush in an upward motion, almost to the browline. Extend the eyeshadow downward around to the bottom corners of the eye in a circular shape.
  5. Apply the darker shade of eyeshadow over each eyelid and just above the crease of the eye. This makes the eye appear taller.(For asian women and those with small eyelids, leave the lids light, and blend the darker shade just above the crease.)
  6. Mascara is applied to your eyelashes, brushing in a small "s" pattern as you pull up. This coats the all sides of each lash and separates them.
  7. For women with darker skin under the eyes, apply concealer. Concealer is usually one step lighter than the foundation. This may also come in handy to clean up any eyeshadow that may have dropped under the eyes.
  8. Using a powder brush, take your conturing or bronzing powder (should be slightly darker than your foundation) and lightly brush the entire jawline. This makes your jaw appear thinner.
  9. Define your brows with the liner pencil. If your brows have very light hair, draw the brows on by slowly building them up in a slight arch. This should start at one end of the eye, and end at the other end, making sure the brow is slightly longer than the eye.
  10. Apply blush at the starting at the ball of the cheeks in a V shape blending towards your temples.
  11. Apply a medium lipstick to the lips if you desire.

Glasses For Triangle Shaped Faces

A triangle facial shape should choose square frames or angular frames. The width of the frames shlould not be longer than the width of your face. Frames that have a heavy thickness on the top work well. Accent colors or decoration on the upper outer corners of the frames help accent your eyes. Many women find that childrens' frames give them a better fit, and sometimes cost less than larger adult frames.

Jewelry For Pear Shaped Faces

People with triangle shaped faces need to add length and curves the appearance of their face. Jewelry can help acheive this.

  • Hoop earrings add a nice round contour.
  • Earrings should be longer than they are wide.
  • Avoid wearing small and single stud earrings.
  • Any necklace style that is the shape of a "V" creates a longer line.
  • Avoid chokers and bulky/chunky necklaces.

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